Preparing Siblings for birth
June 26, 2020

Dearest parent or parent to be

Dearest parent to be or new parent,

I know right now is so stressful, you’re the first people going through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Covid-19. I recognize that being the firsts to trek through a path of unknowns and never been through before can be scary, unnerving, stressful, worrying, confusing and everything and anything in between.

I know that pregnancy and postpartum can be isolating at the best of times, let alone adding in a world wide pandemic. There are many things saying that you and your baby are safe and then other things saying that you’re not safe and then other things saying that everything is totally unknown.

Take a moment here please, scan your body, take a breath.

I am overwhelmed and confused on all the appropriate and “right” things to do, and I am not adding the additional or being pregnant or with an infant. My children are five and eight years old, and I absolutely have not a clue what I am doing.

There are days I wake up full of energy and motivation to seize the day, and then there are days when I feel like I am stuck in a perpetual ground hog day and I’d rather just stay in bed and ignore what’s going on; a la ostrich if you will.

There have been many people saying how we are all in the same boat and whilst the thought pattern is accurate, it’s not true. Everyone came into this pandemic from a different place, some this hasn’t had a major impact while as others have been hit harder than many are even aware. We are all in the same ocean but some have yachts and others have life rafts crafted together out of popsicle sticks.

I write this to you today to simply remind you that you’re not alone. I wanted to let people know my inbox is open, and I am happy to listen. I want you to be seen, heard and validated in your experience. I want to give you a glimmer of light, a sliver of hope to just simply keep going.

There is no book or how to guide for parenting in a pandemic and how to go beyond survive and thrive. Be gentle with yourselves.

Had a glass of water today? Amazing!
Ate something that nourished your body? That is incredible.
Anything above and beyond is spectacular and I applaud you.


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