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"A doula is so much more than the definition. I offer educational, emotional, psychological and physical support. I am trained to offer unbiased and non-judgemental support, and I take this to heart. I want people to feel safe with me, and to be able to trust me."

~ Randi

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Randi van Wiltenburg

I had my first pregnancy back in 2008, that ended in a multiples miscarriage. I lost 4 more pregnancies before going on to having my first living child in August 2012. I had another loss January 2014, and again in July 2014. I fought hard and I went on to have my second living child in August 2015. That’s 7 miscarriages, 9 angel babies. My sister also passed away when I was 4, so I grasp loss with siblings. Loss and grief has always been a part of my life, and I’ve seen it come full circle.

I have been supporting people through their own loss journey’s since 2009. I believe that all births have a huge impact on the birthing person and plays a large factor in how they process the time afterwards. Having good and knowledgeable support can make such a difference to a person’s journey. I’m not just here for the birthing person, but for the entire family. Partners, grandparents, children are all impacted through life and loss. When it comes to loss(es) my main focus is to help people be aware of their choices, normalize the experience, and help them move through their loss process with as minimal regrets as possible.

To be asked to be a support to someone on their loss journey is just as much of an honour for me as to be asked to support someone through a “biologically typical” birth or support postpartum. I have had medical losses, to a loss with midwives, a high risk pregnancy with early induction and complications, to a “text book” pregnancy and home water birth, these experiences have helped shape me into the doula I am today. I believe that each person’s journey is their own, and that the right support can help people find their power even in the darkest times to the highest highs.

I bring empathy, sensitivity, compassion, knowledge and my ability to find the positive in life. I love to hear what people need and to take action to help in any way I can. I believes in a birthing person’s intuition and knowing what is best for their baby and their birth. I also believe that being heard, respected and supported through choices made for birth and postpartum can help people have an empowering experience.


ProDoula Certified Birth Doula​, Matrona Certified Holistic Doula, MotherWit Certified Birth Doula, DONA Certified Birth Doula, ProDoula Certified Postpartum Doula, Loss Doula (Loss Doulas International) Certified Trauma Professional

Continued Education

ProDoula Advanced Business Training (2016)
Gena Kirby Rebozo Workshop (2016)
Loss Doula/Baby Loss Family Advisors Training (Danita Lang) (2016)
Understanding Childbirth Trauma Webinar (2016)
​Significance of Childbirth to The Birthing Person (2016)
Spinning Babies Workshop (2016)
ProDoula Virtually Present (2016)
​CPSAC Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) (2017)
CDA When Survivors Give Birth (2017)
​Flock Yeah Workshop (2017)
CPR-C for Doulas (2017)
First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training™ (2017)
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep CreativeLive workshop (2017)
Loss Doula/Baby Loss Family Advisors Training (Sherokee Isle) (2017)
Lactation Educator Training- CAPPA (2016)
Certified Trauma Professional- International Association of Trauma Professionals (2019)
Birth Doula Training- DONA (2019)
Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C- Re-certification Red Cross(2019)
Anti-Discrimination Webnair- Alberta Association of Immigrant Serving Agencies(2020)

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What Our Clients Say


Randi is an absolutely wonderful person and I will be forever grateful for her being there for us through two losses. She has been a valuable source of information, and provided amazing emotional support. She was there for me late at night when I needed her, and she has continuously reached out to check up on my mental and emotional healing. Randi is an amazing and compassionate woman, and I look forward to having her with us through our journey to parenthood.


Randi reached out to me as a complete stranger when I was seeking for advice regarding my breech baby. The kindness and support she provided me was very comforting and helped ease my mind. She immediately provided me with all the resources I needed to help try and turn my baby on my own the day before my scheduled ECV and low and behold when I went in the next morning baby was head down! I am forever grateful and cannot praise or recommend her enough! Thank you girl!!

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