You Are Not Alone

Journeying through pregnancy and all that comes in between can be overwhelming, you never need to feel alone in this journey.

Meet Randi

To be asked to be a support to someone on their loss journey is just as much of an honour for me as to be asked to support someone through a “biologically typical” birth or support postpartum.

I have had medical losses, to a loss with midwives, a high risk pregnancy with early induction and complications, to a “text book” pregnancy and home water birth.

I believe that each person’s journey is their own, and that the right support can help people find their power even in the darkest times to the highest highs.

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What Our Clients Say


Randi is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. I met her after finding out about my daughters fatal prenatal diagnosis earlier this year. She was so kind and understanding that she immediately put me at ease. I could share my heart with her without any fears of being judged. When my daughter unexpectedly came early, Randi was there at the hospital uplifting and encouraging everyone in the room. She remained in the room to be with my family and daughter even after it being quite late and she had been there for a long time. Even after 3 months of my daughter’s passing, Randi is still a wonderful presence in my life. I am forever grateful for all she has done and is still doing for me. If you ever hesitate in calling Randi, please don’t. It will be the best decision you have ever made.


Randi made my husband feel like he contributed and was able to support me, all while making me feel as though she was there just for me. After arriving home Randi was sure to check in with me and my husband, and helped to ensure I was doing well both physically and mentally. She even went above and beyond to help me sort out the emotions I was going through. After multiple losses and an infertility diagnosis that we’d never birth our own child, I was having troubles bonding with our daughter, because often I felt like I was living in a dream and it wasn’t real. Her support helped to pull me out of that and to bond with our daughter.

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