Doula Services

Butterfly Baby Doula offers a wide range of services.

Labour Doula

Labour doula* support through pregnancy from the time your contract is signed all the way to your first weeks postpartum.
   *Please book through agency Tender Touches Doula Services.

Postpartum Doula 

Postpartum doula* support after you’ve had your baby. There is no cut off age on this time frame. Postpartum doulas offer support, encouragement, light housekeeping, meal planning and prep work, care for baby or babies while the parents get rest or self care time.
   *Please book through agency Tender Touches Doula Services.

   Bereavement Peer Support 

Support after a pregnancy or infant loss, as well as support through trying to conceive and pregnancy after a loss (in-person, email, text – any support methods are available).

   Bereavement Birth Support 

Support through known loss birth, induction, cesarean section, d&c, d&e.


Photography for my clients, maternity and new born.

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