Loss Doula

What Is a Loss Doula?
Whether a miscarriage or neonatal death, infant loss is hard to talk about. There’s a stigma surrounding it, swarming in misconceptions and secrecy. Experiencing loss at any stage of pregnancy or post-partum can feel really isolating – grieving parents don’t know who to talk to, friends and family don’t know what to say, and through it all there’s an expectation of what feelings are acceptable.
A Pregnancy and Infant Loss Doula can provide support from start to finish. Some of the ways they help are:

* Support at diagnosis. This may mean an understanding and empathetic ear to talk to, a person to go for coffee with, or whatever else you may need. Your Pregnancy Loss Doula will never tell you that your feelings are invalid or that you have a time limit on your grief. There is no charge for this service.
* Appointment and procedure support. A partner to attend doctor’s appointments or procedures with, who can talk you through what’s happening and what to expect. A nominal fee to cover expenses will be charged.
* Inform you of your rights. There are many choices that are yours to make following a loss, and most people don’t know about them. Your Pregnancy Loss Doula will walk you through what things you can decide, and then facilitate the space for you assert your decisions. A nominal fee to cover expenses will be charged.
* Support through subsequent pregnancies. Becoming pregnant again after a loss can be both exciting and terrifying. Employing a doula familiar with these opposing emotions can be the difference between feeling anxious and feeling heard. Regular doula fees apply.

Randi is certified as a Loss Doula through Loss Doulas International™. She has first-hand experience with loss which makes her an excellent support for others. For more about her journey, visit her about page. Contact Randi today to start the conversation on how she can help you through this difficult time. Randi is committed to supporting parents from all income brackets, so please contact her to discuss what is possible even in financial difficulty.​​