Hi- I’m Randi a little bit about me and how I came to this work.
I had my first pregnancy back in 2008, naturally conceived triplets shortly after getting married. We lost them 1 by 1, between 4-17 weeks. That ended in a missed miscarriage that went from an infection to delivering the morning right before my d&c. I lost 4 more before going on to having my son Quinnton in August 2012. We had been told that birth could maybe “fix” our issues. I had another loss January 2014, and again on July 27 2014. I fought hard and I went on to have my daughter Kianah August 2015. That’s 7 miscarriages, 9 angel babies. My sister Quanah passed away when I was 4. Loss has always been a part of my life, I’ve seen it come full circle.
I have been informally supporting people through their own loss journey’s since 2009. I believe that birth (all birth, this includes losses) has a huge impact on the birthing person and plays a large factor in how they process the time afterwards. Having support can make such a difference to a person’s journey. I’m not just here for the birthing person, but for the entire family. Partners, grandparents, children are all impacted through life and loss.
To be asked to be a support to someone on their loss journey is just as much of an honour for me as to be asked to support someone through a birth or support postpartum. I have had medical losses, to a loss with midwives, a high risk pregnancy with early induction and complications, to a “text book” pregnancy and home water birth. I believe that each person’s journey is their own, and that the right support can help people find their power even in the darkest times to the highest highs. ❤️

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